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          Rubber led, comprehensive strength of the metal species
          Add Time:2021/2/2 16:48:04

            January 11, 25 varieties of trading, the rubber rose 2.41% in the first place; affected by the increase in Chinese imports of copper rose and the impact of external disk LME, Shanghai copper rose 1.90%, led by the recent strong rebound in metals futures; agricultural futures show flat yesterday, finishing within a narrow range to maintain the overall pattern; and stock index futures experienced a sharp rebound in two consecutive days, after finishing yesterday to maintain a technical correction, the amplitude is narrow; little ups and downs yesterday chemical species, the overall performance of the recent weakness.

            Capital flows also reflects the recent strength of the ebb and futures. January 11, the front of the rubber capital inflows, Zheng sugar, copper, respectively, into the 2.92,1.4,1.14 billion, while all three varieties yesterday there was a substantial rise. Outflow of funds is the biggest sugar 6.76 billion, two-day rally large capital flight. Rose after a few consecutive days, the metal species have gradually increased the outflow of funds. All varieties 5 shows the total capital flows, Zheng cotton, copper, and three varieties of LLDPE continuous inflow of large signs; and rubber, sugar, Shanghai gold thread 4 the recent rebound of the larger species there is significant outflow of funds , respectively 15.6,13.4,5.68 and 3.59 billion yuan.

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