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          Natural Rubber Daily: Hujiao face to break up the key position, attention!
          Add Time:2021/2/2 16:49:45

             By Iran's nuclear program and boost stock prices, the New York Mercantile Exchange, February crude oil futures settled up 93 cents, to $ 102.24 a barrel, or 0.9%. ICE Brent crude oil futures contract settled up 83 cents, to $ 113.28 a barrel, or 0.7%. TOCOM rubber (25315,295.00,1.18%) market opening 269.8 yen / kg.

            Slightly higher raw material prices of natural rubber, Thailand, 3 Yan Pianjiao to 3380-3400 U.S. dollars / ton, the actual turnover for negotiations; the mainstream domestic market sales areas offer 26,500 yuan / ton, near Qingdao Free Trade Zone can access the goods, the benefits of early mobility, But still 250,000 tons full database state, the spot market is currently at a standstill pending.

            The strong stock market policy is expected to bring reverie, and in May 2012 bull market to make money trading pattern in the effect of natural rubber futures market scheduled to gradually break up, and a key location close to 25,200, although in a bearish trend on the environment , but it does not rule out the factors that lead to China's situation as a small rebound in rhythm, it is recommended that investors avoid the temerity to empty a single New Year approach, continue to wait for the state this week, 24,500 more than under the single wet storage hold wait.

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