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          Ken Laite belt production technology world occupied the high ground
          Add Time:2021/2/2 16:53:14

             Has 38 national patents, of which 7 national invention patents, two international patents, and to the drafters and participated in the first national, industry-standard 5. Last year, the provincial high-tech enterprises in the original basis, but also through a new round of national high-tech enterprises - which is located in Xiaoshan, Puyang of Ken Laite company.

             With just five European countries leaders to visit China Trade and Investment Promotion Missions Transmission Industry Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Kenlai Te Wang Jinfang, from the office back room out of a palm wide rubber band and gently placed on the ground, said: " This tape is the root of other enterprises can not produce the world's belt. "

             At first glance, dark dark tape lying on the ground, with no other belt kind ah! Wangjin Fang explains: "You see, this tooth root to bring a big name 'double-sided drive cutting-edge style toothed transmission belt' made it is a complete, rather than the traditional with the inner layer of cloth, after sub- coated with rubber. "Pengfei section chief engineer, said:" This root zone is installed in the machine oil from the current probationary period has been a conservative estimate of the available data, its average life expectancy is only one, can be widely used than the current transmission with increased five to six times. not to mention energy, to improve oil recovery efficiency and other advantages of the machine. "

             Wang Jinfang then removed from the office of the closet stack of various certificates and awards: best new products in 2007, Hangzhou, new technical certificate, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association awarded the Science and Technology Progress Award certificates, issued by the Government of Xiaoshan District, Science and Technology Progress Award certificate, Hangzhou 2008 Outstanding new products, new technology award certificate ... ... ten years to obtain all kinds of awards, silent testimony to the Ken Laite company won the market with innovative and respected.

             In 1998, Wang Jinfang founder Ken Laite company. Had only production motorcycle, tractor rubber belt. To the turn of the century in 2000, the world can produce the longest circumference of the rubber belt is not more than 2.5 m, Wang Jinfang was proposed to trial over the circumference of the rubber belt. Claims and the naturally intimidated by a group of people, but heaven pays off, by 2004, Ken Laite companies dominate world production technology belt high ground, only able to produce the world's longest special trimming perimeter belt business.

             At an academic conference, Wang Jinfang stage speech announced that it has successfully developed both inside and outside the belt rodents. At this point the audience is not the applause came, but the boos. Wang Jinfang not in a hurry, belt out show on the stage, then the audience, someone ran to the stage, the applause drowned Wang Jinfang instant the sound of thanks.

            Wang Jinfang said, then, we have become shorter and shorter research and development of new products onto the market. We also have on the international market place. By now, like BMW, Mercedes and other cars that we have used on the production belt. Our latest development, the ongoing trial with a special oil extraction machine, oil extraction machines can be a saving ten thousand years, increase oil production to 300 tons. China has 300,000 oil machine, at least 500 million units worldwide, this market is not?

             Wang Jinfang belt R & D success, attracting many foreign businessmen. American Iron Company representatives Wang Jinfang said Mok, we found a five-year, only to find you, we work with it! U.S. companies want to know when Wang Jinfang cooperation is intended to do the controlling shareholder, they politely refused. Now Ken Laite with the world's largest bearing manufacturers ASKF (Sweden) became partners, its products have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and more than 20 countries and regions.

            Wang Jinfang said: "As representatives of SMEs, followed by Vice President visit to five European countries, that the state's attention for the development of SMEs, while also illustrates one reason - only the constant innovation of SMEs, the future development prospects are will is unlimited. "

        ?2011 梅州市日升橡膠傳動(dòng)帶有限公司 版權所有 粵ICP備11100949號-1技術(shù)支持:梅州樂(lè )創(chuàng )網(wǎng)絡(luò )